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How to confirm the model in vibrating screen?

Xinxiang Hongda Vibration Equipment Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer in vibrating screen machine.We specialize in vibrating industry since 1986.We would like to share “HOW TO FONFIRM THE MODEL IN VIBRATING SCREEN” to you.We have encountered many times that procurement staff and technicians do not know how to confirm the model in vibrating screen. The most fundamental principle is to confirm the purpose of customer using a vibrating screen.For example,for impurity removal,or for grading or for filtering?Based on different purpose of usage,we can help to choose a suitable vibrating screen for you.In addition,The vast majority of vibrating screens can be customized according to customer needs:the layers of vibrating screen.The mesh hole size.And the mesh material.etc.Please refer to the following points:

1. Material name and characteristics
Generally, in the long-term production and sales process, vibrating screen manufacturers will summarize some models that are more suitable for materials based on experience, so it is very necessary for users to provide material names, which can greatly reduce the difficulty of model selection. Determine the physical properties of a material. For example, the size of the material particles, the specific gravity of the material, whether it is sticky, and whether it is wet. The physical properties of the material will directly affect the screening effect.
2. Purpose of use
The purpose of using the equipment also has an important impact on the selection, such as the purpose of screening or filtration? What is the level of the sieve?
3. Processing volume requirements
Different users have different requirements on the handling capacity of materials in many cases, and the handling capacity requirements of users are also an important reference for selection.
4. Mesh aperture
The user's requirement for the aperture of the screen is also one of the important references for the linear vibration screening type. The screen with a large mesh number is not easy to pass through the screen compared with a small mesh number.
5. The proportion of materials
Accurately know the ratio of the thickness of the material and the fine material, you can judge the penetration rate of the material.

Post time: May-12-2022