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Ultrasonic Test Sieve Shaker to India

The ultrasonic test sieve shaker customized by the Indian customer has been tested and ready to shipment.


There is a special that the sieves customer customized have 2 pcs more than 200 mesh, generally finer than 200 mesh, the material is not good pass through the screen mesh, we recommend customer to add ultrasonic system to help screening, so it will requires 2 sets ultrasonic systems.But now we have the ultrasonic system that 1 power box can be equipped with 2 transducers, so both the solution to the customer’s needs, but also greatly reduces the cost!


Xinxiang Hongda supports customize the type of sieve shaker, diameter, voltage, mesh size, and ultrasonic system according to the different requirement of customers, if you have the requirement, Welocme contact with us!

Post time: Oct-21-2023